Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure (Transparency Policy)

Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you’ve found some useful resources thus far, which is one of the objectives of this site. This site really is about providing information that may be helpful to you in making a more informed decision about a product or service. In addition, providing product and service reviews, is one of the ways to keep the site active.

There are a number of places on this website where I recommend or make reference to certain products. Where possible, I collect a commission if you purchase that product through the link that’s on my site, since some of the links are affiliate links.

While I make a commission on some of the stuff featured on A Legitimate Work Home Business, my site is not limited to the products and services I am affiliated with, but where and how you can access free stuff as well. Free is good, right?

There are so many scams online, since some people don’t really care how they make their money. As such, it would be great if I can help you find authentic services and products and help you avoid the online scams and get started online the right way.

Just so you know:

  1. No one pays me to write anything here on my blog, so this information is free.
  2. I prefer to recommend the products that are free, less costly, and what works as opposed to promoting any and everything, just to make a quick buck.
  3. You do not have to pay for anything you don’t want to, but the paid stuff does work better.
  4. I do NOT promote scams or only products and services I am affiliated with.
  5. Since I want to have some fun here as well, my blog is a mixture of business (how you can get stared online FREE) as well as some things I like.
  6. The commissions that I receive do NOT affect the amount you pay for any product or service.

Thank you for your support and for being a loyal reader.

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