Udemy: The Opportunity That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Udemy is freakin’ awesome!

Quite a number of people are skeptical about making money online, but as far as online opportunities go, what Udemy has to offer, is freakin’ awesome! Regardless of whether you’re an experienced online marketer or you’re now starting out or looking for a legitimate online opportunity, this is something you should definitely check it.

So, What is Udemey About?

Referred to as the Amazon of online education, Udemy presents one of the best online opportunities I’ve seen to date. Located at www.udemy.com, Udemy is “a website community where instructors can create and teach educational courses to students.” Students have access to all sorts of courses and the main aim of Udemy is to allow people to learn skills that they can use.


For example, students can learn how to manage stress, how to be a better public speaker. They can even learn how to design graphics, about web design and development, digital photography or how to ace a multiple choice test, even eccomerce. Now, most likely this little bit of information does not excite you, but stick with me for a few minutes and I guarantee you’ll change your mind.

You might be thinking that this is not for you, you’re not a teacher or an instructor of any kind. But what would you think if I told you that you are? Think about it. Is there something that you know about or do that you can teach to someone else? Maybe photography, fishing, developing an app, planting a garden, or some kind of do-it-yourself activity.

If you can show and tell someone how to do something, and you want to use that talent to make money, then Udemy is for you! If you still think it’s not, then you might want to check out my#1 legitimate work at home recommendation.

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How Does Udemy Work?

Think of Udemy as the Amazon of online education, since they are providing the opportunity for people worldwide to learn fantastic skills as well as have a chance to never stop learning. There is absolutely no cost involved in creating your course and you can create as many courses as you like, from IT related, music, personal development and much more.

You are also provided with step-by-step directions on how to create and price your course. Suggested prices range from $20 and up and you can change the price of your course at any time. Any price change must be done in a multiple of $5. Once your course is up and running, students can access it and you make money.

Udemy graphic design courses

How to Make Money With Udemy?

Udemy is the world’s largest online learning marketplace and has more than 14 million students and at least 4 million active monthly users. How is that for an online market? You can make money via Udemy’s marketing efforts as well as your own.

Udemy also has an affiliate program, which is run by Linkshare, with which you can use to make money as well. So you not only promote your own course, but you can promote other courses as well ad earn additional income.

How Much Money Can You Make With Udemy?

Well, like every thing in life, it all depends on how much effort you put in. There are various revenue sharing options at Udemy but however you slice it, you make money! Check out the payment scale:

  • For a direct sale; your own marketing efforts, you keep a whopping 97% of the sale.
  • If the student purchases your course via an affiliate link, or other external partner, you get 25% of the sale.
  • If the sale comes via Udemy, you get 50% and as an affiliate you can earn 40% of a sale.

When you add this up, it’s a pretty good chunk of change.

If you can sell one course per day from Udemy’s marketing efforts, you can make $300 per month. Imagine when you combine this with your own marketing efforts, and you make more than one sale per day. Think about when you add a few more courses. Not too shabby at all, right!  Are you seeing the potential here! Now add the referral program into the mix! Man oh man! I don’t know about you, but this is pretty exciting!

Make money with Udemy

In the snapshot above, there are 24,137 students enrolled in that “Become a Super Learner” course and the current price is $15. Now, if, and that’s a big fat IF, that course was always sold at that price, then that course has brought in $362,055 so far.

How to Join Udemy?

Now I know you are definitely seeing the possibilities with this online opportunity. Udemy is absolutely free and easy to join. All you have to do is go to www.udemy.com, click on become an instructor and enter  course title and click on create course. You can also create your free account first then navigate to create your own course.

Udemy Hacks or Tips

Anyone can do this

You don’t have to be an actual professor, teacher, or professional in the field to do this. Once you’ve got something you can teach someone, and you want to market it, you can do this.

Teach what you’re passionate about

Teach what you know and love. “The only way to do good work is to love what you do.” If you’r e not enthusiastic about what you’re teaching, it will be reflected in your course and your students won’t be enthusiastic either. Engagement in your course will suffer.

Hot topic courses

Figuring out what to teach can be a bit daunting, so be sure to check out the Udemy’s “Hot Topic Courses” to get some ideas for course creation. These topics come from monthly data analysis related to student desire, marketplace needs and various trends.

Consider marketplace needs and wants

While your passion is important, you want to combine it with what the market place needs and wants. You want to make sure that you have a large enough audience for your course. A larger audience means a better income.

A Few more Udemy Hacks or Tips

Network with someone

You can network with other teachers to create courses as well as to cross promote the courses you create. Networking allows others to get to know you, while you’re building your audience of students.

Develop a plan for course development

Creating a quality course can take some time, so you want to develop a plan that will facilitate your completion of the course so you can start marketing it. Having a plan will help facilitate a workflow as well as help you focus.

Market yourself as a professional

You can use Udemy as a platform to market yourself professionally. For example, if you’re a great public speaker and you want to widen your audience reach, then this is a great platform for you to do just that and make money.

Use student feedback

On the onset, your course won’t be perfect and that’s okay. Use your students’ feedback as a tool to tweak and make it better.

Udemy really is the Amazon of online education

Udemy is changing the game in education. They are making sure that people worldwide have a chance to never stop learning, and you can be a part of that. You can make as little or as much money as you want with this opportunity. Here is a little know fact, “the top 10 instructors had combined sales figures of $17 million.” Man, oh man! That’s way too much right?

Like I said before, anyone can do this. But the final decision is always yours. If this is not the right opportunity for you but you want to get started making money online, then you definitely need to check out my #1 legitimate work at home recommendation.

It was cool hanging with you and feel free to share your thoughts and experience with me and my readers. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Hello Vanessa
    Thanks for sharing your views on Udemy, although I have sees some Udemy banners online, I have never really cared to check what they offer as im not the one to click on banners.
    Thanks to your explanation on how Udemy works, I`ll be going to look for some help for social media traffic, I still struggle with social media and since you mention the prices to be as cheap as $15, it`S the right place for me to start as im not willing to invest a large amounts in learning social media.
    Something im wondering, is Udemy and Udimi the same owner? As far as I know, Udimi is for solo Ads.
    Anyway, thanks so much for sharing, really informative.

    • Hi Roamy

      Udemy is all about learning, not about solo ads or anything like that. You can learn anything and almost everything there. I am sure you’ll find a course on social media and marketing and there are some courses you can access for just $10! So it’s pretty cool.

      What’s also cool about it is that you can make money with Udemy as well. By creating your own course for students to access, you can earn a substantial amount of passive income from just one course. So overall, it’s pretty cool.

  2. wow i didn’t know what UDEMY was an till now i am certainly gonna check them out thanks for such a informative review of UDEMY very helpful thank you.

    • Hi Omar

      You’re most welcome! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the review. Hey, you should definitely think about putting up a cooking course or two with Udemy.

  3. I appreciate you giving detail about the company udemy although I have never heard of them. I learned a lot about how they operate through reading your article. I like the fact that they provided courses to teach you on social media which is awesome for just $10
    thank for sharing the information

    • Hi Karlene

      Thanks for stopping by and reading the article. It seems like quite a number of people don’t know about Udemy, but when I learned about it, I just couldn’t resist doing a review. It’s really fantastic! Udemy is all about learning, so I like to refer to it as the Amazon of online learning, since you can find almost anything there you may need to learn about.

      Apart form that, it’s also a great opportunity for anyone to earn income online. You can develop your own course to teach someone something and earn income whenever students access it. Sweet! Added to that, Udemy provides you with the tools you need to develop your course.


  4. Udemy is cool! i joined a few months ago, and find that if you’re passionate about teaching, and love to make videos, this is a perfect place to start! It does take an initial investment in time and (if you dont have) equipment, but is well worth it. You start building your portfolio, and soon you get close to passive income! I wonder do you know some more places like udemy on the internet?

    • Hi Bob

      Udemy really is a fantastic opportunity for passive income. You’re right about the initial investment in time to get the course up and running, but once it’s done, your course is there for any and everyone to access. At the moment I don’t know about any other online opportunity like Udemy. But one thing’s for sure, once I find another like it, I’ll definitely be reviewing it. So keep in touch.

  5. Hello!

    I believe Udemy is really a great learning environment. One could access it as long as there is an account. Also, there is an occasional free course that you might be interested in. It is worth noting that in order for your readers to know about it and that they would be able to grab the opportunity and have it.

    I have an experience at using Udemy for learning and not much for teaching so I can only share the perspective of a learner at that. All in all, this is a very helpful article.

    Thank you!

    • Hey Chanan

      Thanks for dropping by. Great to know that you found the article helpful. Udemy really is great; you can learn anything anywhere and you can use it to make money as well sharing your knowledge with others. Thanks for reminding me about the free courses that are offered.

  6. I personally have never heard of Udemy and with that being said this is all very new information for me to soak in. Making money is always on my mind and I’m open to giving new legitimate things a try. I like the review it is well written and very descriptive one of the best I’ve seen for sure. I will let you know if I do decide to give this program a shot when I get off work. Thank you for the article.

    • Hey James

      Thanks for stopping by and reading the article. Great to know that it’s a new discovery for you and that you found it helpful. It seems not a lot of people know about Udemy but it’s happening! People are using it to create courses and others are using it to learn stuff. It’s all about learning anything, anywhere! So it’s convenient. All in all, it’s a great learning tool for many and a great source of income for others as well.


  7. This is not my first time of hearing about Udemy but I never really cared or be bothered enough to check what it is all about. I didn’t know that it was completely free to join, I thought you have to pay a price to join so I never really cared to check it out. But after reading your article, and just like your post title, I was completely mind blown! This is an opportunity that one shouldn’t miss at all.

    • Hey Rab

      Udemy really is a great opportunity. It’s a great way to earn passive income, because once your course is up and running, all you need to do is market it. But the other great thing about it is that Udemy already has a bunch of students, so depending on what your course is all about, you can cash in both ways; from your own marketing efforts as well as Udemy’s. I think it’s also a great opportunity for teachers who may be looking for an opportunity to earn extra cash from home.

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