How to Grow a Second Income in Your Spare Time

How to Grow a Second Income in Your Spare Time
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Get your side hustle on!

That’s How to Grow a Second Income in Your Spare Time! You can grab just about any side hustle to grow a second income in your spare time, but some side hustles may just be way too time consuming. So I’ll show you a better way you can grow a second income in your spare time and at your convenience! As we go along, I want you to keep these two things in mind:

  1. No experience is necessary to do this, and
  2. You can do this from the comfort of your home and of course in your spare time.

Sounds good? All right then, let’s get this party started!

So check this out.

Most people are familiar with the idea of growing a second income by delivering pizza or some other kind of side hustle or part-time gig. But let’s just put those ideas on hold for a bit. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing those things, but the internet provides the opportunity for regular people like you and me, to make seven figures on a regular basis. Seven figures! So that’s where I want you to focus right now; using the internet to grow a second income in your spare time, from the comfort of your home.

How to Grow a Second Income in Your Spare Time

Warning: this is NOT a get rich quick type of thing, so if that’s what you’re looking for, sorry to say, you’re not going to find it here. Nah, I’m not really sorry to say that, since I am all about legitimate online opportunities.

But seriously though, try your best not to fall for those get rich quick kind of schemes, okay? All those things will do, is cause you to part with your hard earned cash with no reward in sight. Playing the lottery might be a better investment and you know how that works. Hey in both cases, you’re likely to lose out.

How to Grow a Second Income in Your Spare Time?

Okay so what can you do online to grow a second income?

#1. Well, you can sell on Amazon

But that would require some capital up front; you know, buying products to sell and all that jazz. It’s not something I’d recommend if you’re now starting out online, especially if you don’t have the right training or the cash outlay.

Another way you can make money with Amazon is selling your own ebook.

#2. You can get your Vlog on

That’s video blogging if you’re so inclined. Like the Khadashians. Hey, do you keep up? Not important. But some people aren’t crazy about putting themselves out there. Know what I mean? That’s understandable and it’s okay, because there are other great ways to grow a second income in your spear time.

#3. You can do surveys

But how much can you really earn from doing surveys? To me, surveys are really about earning beer money and gift cards. In addition to which, making money with surveys depends solely on your demographics. So let’s not even go there. Hey, You can go there if you want to, but why frustrate yourself for beer money and gift cards?

What paid online surveys are all about

How to Grow a Second Income in Your Spare Time the Best Way

Here’s my recommendation for the best way to grow a second income in your spare time:

#1. Affiliate Marketing

#2. Starting your own online store (eCommerce)

Affiliate Marketing and eCommerce are two of the most lucrative opportunities online. Now they might sound a bit foreboding, but remember the two things I asked you to keep in mind; (1) no experience is necessary, and (2) you can do this from the comfort of your home.

So the next step here is to show you where you can access great opportunities to do anyone of those two things, or both, if you so desire. How do you feel about “FREE to Get Started” opportunities? These opportunities are perfect for both beginners and experts alike? Sounds like a good plan, right?

Okay, so let’s do this!

How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

With Free training for sure!

At Wealthy Affiliate you can do just that. Wealthy Affiliate offers a free certification level course in affiliate marketing training, as well as Bootcamp training. The free training is a great way to dip your feet into affiliate marketing, and it will give you great insight into how you can use something you’re passionate about to grow a second income in your spare time.

Not only that, but you can earn while learning.

In other words you can start growing a second income even while you’re still learning the ropes. Wealthy Affiliate is like your one stop shop; you get everything you need to set up and run your own online business, including help and support 24/7. I am sure you will agree that help and support is important for anyone who is now getting started online.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership Options

With your Free membership, not only do you have access to the certification course, but you get 2 Free Websites and you can also access the first phase of Bootcamp training. That’s an additional 10 lessons for you absolutely Free! You also get 2 Free Websites as well.

Now, with Wealthy Affiliate you can keep your free membership for as long as you want. But of course with Premium membership you get access to lots more! The thing about the training at Wealthy Affiliate, is that it prepares you to do so much more than just affiliate marketing and that’s what I like about it. But you gotta check it out to see what I’m talking about.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership options

Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership options goes like this. Premium membership costs $49.00/month or you can pay yearly $349.00/year, which comes to about $29.00/month; so you’re saving there. I like that! Don’t you? It seems much more affordable.

Or you can get a steal of a deal with Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday special of $300.00/year! What?! Yeah, that’s like running a business for $0.82 a day! Hello?! Can you do that with a brick-and-mortar business? I think you know the answer to that.

Up next is Your Best eCommerce Option, if you want to go that route, as opposed to affiliate marketing.

How to Get Started with eCommerce

Ecommerce has been growing by leaps and bounds, as well as popularity. Hey, listen, it’s absolutely crazy, the amount of money some people make doing this. Getting started in eCommerce simply means having your own online store. If you want to do this to grow a second income, you can sell your own products or you can do drop-shipping. With drop-shipping, you never see or touch the product, you’re just the middle man.

Now this is not as daunting as it might sound and getting started is super easy with Shopify. Shopify offers a 14-Day Free Trialand they’ve got lots of Apps and resources for you. Remember now, No Experience is Necessary to do this either.

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In addition to which, if you’re into the idea of drop-shipping, the Oberlo App, which is also FREE, works with your Shopify store to make it simple and easy to import products to your online store. So you’ve got absolutely no worries there. But not only that.

If you’re not so sure about the marketing aspect of things, Kit (another Shopify App), is there to help you solve your marketing woes! Kit is like your own little marketing expert. Hey, I am making sure I hook you up the right way, so you can set up your online store for success.

So what’s the cost involved in having an eCommerce store with Shopify?

Shopify is $29.95/month after the free trial and Kit, your personal marketing expert, if you decide to use it, is $9.95/month. So basically, you’re setting up one of the most lucrative online opportunities for less than $40.00! Oberlo is Free for as long as you want.

Now there are different Shopify packages available; it all depends on what you want to do to get started. You can even buy a store on Shopify, if you think that might be easier. Or you can have Shopify set up a store for you. So you’ve got various eCommerce options here. If you’re not sure what to sell online, there are Shopify experts that can help you with hat as well.

Shopify free 14-day no skills needed

Warning: These are two fantastic online opportunities, but the results are not typical! Hey, I am giving it to you straight up, because I want you to have realistic expectations.

Now I am NOT saying that you won’t make money. All I am saying is that depending on your area interest, and how you go about getting traffic (customers) to your online store or website, it might take a bit longer for you to start growing your second income. That my friend is typical with any online opportunity.

But if you are serious about growing a hefty second income from the comfort of your home, then accessing any one of these opportunities will definitely help you do that. Having an online business is worth it! Don’t wait to do this, you’ll only have regret and wished that you’d started sooner.

So, if your choice is affiliate marketing, click here to get started. Or if you want to do eCommerce with Shopify, then click here! All you’ve got to do, is bring your effort and willingness to make your chosen opportunity work for you.

As always, nice hanging with you. Of course if you’ve got other thoughts and ideas about how to start growing a second income in your spare time, feel free to share them with me and my readers. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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